Death doesn’t fear Death, Just Life

​The enemy has no fear of good and positive messages being spoken – 
no fear of good intentions being shared amongst a group of people – 
no fear of emotions getting stirred up into a furious uproar – 
no fear of religious celebration and rejoicing –
as long as there remains no conviction and dedication afterwards –
as long as there is no real accountability to self or brother or God –
as long as no one actually steps out of the comfort of the “business as usual” of the boat,

into the “absolute unknown” of the storm – 
as long as there remains no action that exercises our faith somewhere there is a guarantee of no glory, no honor, no reward, and no praise for ourselves.
“How foolish a man would have to be to actually move in that circumstance,  right?”, the enemy whispers in their ears. 
“What would you have to gain from such a foolish and unwise endeavor?”, the enemy taunts. 
“It’s clear that is simply a plan that will never work.”, the enemy justifies. 
“But it doesn’t matter if it works, it just matters that I’m faithful to the Word of God, and what He has called us to do. The glory, honor, reward,  and praise isn’t mine to covet, but it’s mine to offer the only one worthy of receiving it.”, the servant replies, as the enemy shrinks back.
Yes,  this is what the enemy does fear – those who do not deceive themselves – those who do not shrink back from the calling – those who love and obey the Lord – those who have faith that abides,  that remains,  that lives.

Hebrews 10:39
But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.

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