Offering Help

I’ll be honest and trasparent with you, because that is my goal in all things. There are times when you offer help and people don’t want it. 
For example, I can offer to bring someone off the street, or right out of jail/rehab, out “out of their storm into my house” for a meal, shelter, clothes, a job, life skills and Christian counseling that will help them deal with their life issues and get back on their feet and on solid ground – and very few are truly interested. Of the few that take me up on part of the offer, it is to get what they can, sometimes stealing, etc. but when even that doesn’t make me go away and stop pouring out love and offering new way of life, they decide to respond with hatred because they want to escape the promise of a productive, Christian life of service to others, because they just don’t want it. 
The same can be said for people who love darkness, sin, and worldliness more than God. God is light and has no part in darkness, so when He says that X, Y, and Z “shall not inherit the Kingdom of God”, it isn’t even about X, Y, or Z – it is about people wanting it their way instead of God’s way. So yes, by my accepting God’s way instead of justifying things by my own opinions or feelings – by choosing light instead of darkness – a truly submitted and surrendered Christian will find their own convictions quite opposite of the way of the world. 
And if we stood in this opposing position, laughing and pointing at others who we believe are headed off into destruction, that would be judgemental, cruel,  and heartless. But if we know the truth, that it was our hearing the truth, confessing our sin, believing in Christ, and turning away from our sinful, worldly ways to walk a new path with a,Savior, a LORD, and a friend who knows better than our own opinions, feelings, desires,  and pride – we will want to 1) warn others of the dangers of sin,  and 2) offer the same mercy that we have received. Being a true Christian is NOT just “claiming the name of Jesus so we can subdue our own consciences and continue in our same sinful ways” – we must be born again,  new creations, alive with Christ in us, or our faith is lukewarm, dead, and useless. 
I say this, because many will hear this as judgement or condemnation just because a Christian is bold enough to speak out against sin and offer grace to those who would believe in their hearts. The world is okay with a promise of “say these lies with your mouth so you can escape what you deserve” – but not very keen on the idea of an abiding faith, a belief that is not just mental assent, but is the very spirit of God himself moving in and changing lives. And it enrages the religious because they can’t earn the free gift of grace, and it enrages the rebellious because they can’t continue clinging to the sin that they love. 
So I understand that some will hate me for sharing the whole Truth, but only if they “have no need for Christ”.
In my past, I loved and wallowed in all kinds of sins – I served myself and my wants and desires because I considered myself lord of my own life – but I have a LORD now and He tells me what is His will, and I want my will to be conformed to His perfect will because His is best.
Because of Him, I do things that I didn’t used to do. I feed and clothe the needy, visit the imprisoned and the sick, cry with the hurting, rejoice with those celebrating, and offer this Good News to all peoples with no expectation of anything in return – not even trying to earn heavenly rewards,  because He is my prize and portion, and anything else is lesser and worthless in comparison to a close fellowship with Almighty God. And in fact, I can’t take credit for any of these “good works” because they are what He is doing through me. I’m humbled by the fact that He would use this messed up sinner to go forth as a vessel of His Holy Spirit, as a part of the living Body of Christ showing love to the world. 
What an outrageous claim, right? That the wages of sin are death and that those who do not repent will face judgement and punishment because they do not love God nor do they believe Him. That sounds cold and heartless when said alone without the gospel, but that is the beauty of the gospel, “There is no other name by which man can be saved.”
We are sinful creatures. If we think we are good, we are deceived. If we honestly examine ourselves, our darkest thoughts and desires, our lack of compassion,  care and genuine love for others who have nothing to offer us in return, etc should confirm this that we are not perfect in our love of God or others. We hear the Word of God tell us “No one is good except God alone.” and “All have fallen short of the glory of God.”
We could not earn our own way. Jesus had to die for us on the cross, take on all the sin of the world,  accept the wrath of God, so that those who might confess with their mouths that Jesus Christ is LORD, and believe in their hearts that He was raised from the dead to new life (just as we are raised to new life in our own rebirth) so that we could be restored to a right standing, and abiding relationship with God.
If this all sounds like nonsense and judgemental condemnation to someone,  it’s only because they are still under condemnation and He has not revealed to them the Spirit of Truth. I’ve been there myself, we were all blind and deaf until we were touched and healed. The Word of God tells us “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already,  because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”
I don’t get to decide for myself what is right or wrong anymore based on my own opinions. There is only one Truth – truth is not arbitrary or changing or dependent upon man, society, customs,  or traditions. Now that I understand Truth, and now that I find my Hope in Christ, my life is about Faithfulness and Love in godly unity with each other – not trading justice for lawlessness and not trading mercy for legalism.
I say all of this because sometimes when we are blind, even the hand that is offering us help, we might think is trying to drown us – because of our fear and lack of trust. But love overcomes doubt and fear. 
I’m sure there are some that have never heard this. I hope that it is a blessing to you and reveals something to you about how/why Christians are the way we are and how we can stand firm and bold on the Word of God offering both Truth and Love, regardless of whether others love us or hate us for our Faith.

One thought on “Offering Help

  1. In my posting this Truth, if anyone reads it and feels like I’m judging or condemning you – ask yourself if I know you. Ask yourself if I have mentioned your name. Ask yourself if I have even called your particular sin by name.

    No I haven’t, so I haven’t judged or condemned you.

    But if this was your reaction, your own conscience has testified against you. It wasn’t even my speaking about you or your particular sin, so you yourself know it is wrong. I didn’t have to tell you that it is wrong, right? I haven’t condemned you. Your condemnation has been brought to your remembrance. So we can then either continue carrying that chain, or see it broken.

    Jesus Christ breaks those chains. Other ways can help you hide or ignore sin, but only He can eliminate the burden and lead you out of the trap as an overcomer.

    May the LORD bless everyone who reads these words and has ears to hear them.


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