Circumstances? Works? Or Blood and Saving Faith?

Qualified by the Blood of the Lamb, called and chosen, loved and forgiven, growing from faith to faith, gifted this Grace that is undeserved,  but that wells up inside of me an overcoming fountain of life and grateful obedience where there was an emptiness of sin and death.

#Romans8 #HeCallsMeHisOwn #IBelieve 

Are you His?

Then your past circumstances don’t define you (so let go of guilt and shame)  —

and your works don’t qualify you (so let go of foolish pride, poisonous hypocrisy, and dead religious traditions).

Be honest with yourself about who you love most and who you will serve today — will it be the one true God or will it be self?

Humble yourself before God, acknowledging that it is He who paid the price for you.

Walk in awe and grateful submission as His grace lifts you up to walk on the very waters that you thought might drown you.

Be amazed when He brings into the light those secrets you have hidden that were once did shameful you wouldn’t dare let them out, and rejoice when He overcomes and turns to good what you once thought was evil and shameful and was a chain that bound you.

If Christ has set you free, you are free indeed. Not free to sin and death —  but free to grateful obedience and life abundant & eternal.

So know today, He is faithful to forgive those who will come back to Him. He is faithful to teach and lead and empower those who love and obey Him to walk the narrow path. He opposes the proud hypocrite and lifts up the humble servant.

And He does all of this for His glory, not yours. So rejoice and sing peptides to the only one who is truly worthy of all praise and honor.

Thank you Jesus!

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