A man walks into a single mother’s house amongst her many children and says, “I decided yesterday to cheat on my family and come spend time with your mother, and I’ve found that you are all so much better than the family I have at my old house. So I’m going to start living here instead.”

The same thing happens when we abandon the calling and purpose God has on our lives to instead “live for the world”.

The same thing happens when people abandon the church family they are a part of because a newer, shinier, fancier, more comforting and compromising option is presented to them.

Adultery is not just about sex, but it is about abandonment, it is about being unfaithful in the areas we are supposed to be committed even through the hard times, it is about choosing the broad and easy way instead of the narrow gate. Don’t think that just because something “feels easier” or “seems right in your heart” that it is right, because the Word of God tells us that “the heart is deceptive”, and that there is “a way that seems right” — but are we testing these “feelings” against the Word of God? Are we seeking answers from the Lord to guide us? Are we saying “We will not go unless the spirit of the Lord goes with us”?

I know that life seems to be moving past us at 100mph, and that there are plenty of things out there competing for our attention. But let’s don’t abandon our post! And let’s not be the ones celebrating when someone abandons their assigned post “to choose us”. I see too many single moms, causes, and yes, even churches, celebrating because they have increased their numbers by poaching from the fields of other shepherds, with no effort made to send these little wandering lambs back to their rightful shepherd, or to at least come into unity together with our neighboring shepherd about exactly where the Lord wants and needs someone to be stationed.

And because of this disrespectful treatment towards each other, there is division and competition amongst religious gatherings as they compete against each other for proselyte butts in seats of their divided camps — instead of equipping and sending servants, laborers, martyrs, and disciples in the public square as a unified body of Christ.

Lord, help us to have eyes to see these traps and tricks of the enemy that entangle and snare and hinder us from operating together, and that instead set us in opposition to one another, and in opposition to your will. Help us to be steadfast, faithful, solid and firm in our conviction, in our purpose, in our love, and in our mercy — as you have taught us. Amen.

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