Do you know?

God knew for sure (i.e. determined) what we would freely do (i.e. by free acts) —

and not only graciously offers us salvation by faith in Christ Jesus —

but knows even better than us whether we have already or will receive such an amazing gift.

Does that boggle your mind even as it pulls at your very soul?

Have YOU asked Him for the gift of life?

Do you see that Jesus not only died on the cross, but is raised to life — just like His own each will be raised to life with Him.


Has the inward work of His grace moved upon you in such a compelling way that you naturally and freely agree with this overwhelming love of God that has captured you? Have you found that the radically intoxicating grace of Christ has created in you an insatiable desire for Christ Jesus? Have you experienced Him quenching your thirst, and found yourself willingly remaining in the graces of your beloved Savior for the rest of your earthly history and eternity?

I’m not asking if you are simply convicted and drawn to acknowledge, only to eventually (and with unfortunate finality) at some point totally choose your own way that leads to eternal damnation — because all have the resources to choose Christ, all have the offer to choose Christ, and all have experienced some measure of grace in comparison to what is “deserved” for full payment for their every sin and wickedness committed against one another — and committed against Almighty, Holy, Righteous God the Father.

I’m asking, have you come to that place of surrender — realizing your utter and complete need for grace, for purpose, for calling, for direction, for peace, for meaning — and cried out to the one who knew you before you were even conceived, before your first breath, before your first thought?

I’m not asking for your money, your attention, your honor, your trust, your loyalty, your respect, your allegiance, your friendship, or your love — nothing you have to bring is of any real value to me in this circumstance, friend. You and I apart from Christ are a flash in the pan, a blip on the radar of history, if all we are is this vessel of flesh and blood with a breath and a heartbeat and a dash between two dates — but what if we are vessels meant to carry a precious treasure?

Are you meant to carry the Holy Spirit of the living God into the world for His glory and honor?

Then come, sing His praises, sing of His glory, fall down in awe and wonder at Almighty God and what He has done for us!!!!


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