“Disability”? In Heaven?

Some of the things that we think of as strengths in this life may be weaknesses in the after, and some of those that we consider weaknesses or disabilities might be revealed as the favor of God.

I have met beautiful people who many would look at as “disabled”, or “broken”, or “less than whole” in this life (as if anyone were actually whole/able) — who I can see clearly are ABLE, and MORE, and FULLER in the areas that truly matter.

Rob Campbell Was recently talking about the old vinyl records and how there was an A side with the good song, and a B side with the song you didn’t want. It seems that with everything that makes us unique, there is an A side and a B side. Knowing our strengths and our corresponding weaknesses is so valuable. I feel very much the same about many things that we call “disabilities” — that there are really recognized challenges, pains and limitations physically — but that may be a part of not so easily discerned strengths, comforts, and freedoms.

There are areas of my life that are shortcomings, that are broken, that are imperfect — it seems quite foolish for me to think of anyone else to be “disabled” in comparison. What if heaven is more about us retaining our uniqueness and appreciating the A side of each unique difference rather than focusing on, measuring and comparing the B side? Isn’t this visible throughout the gospel story — isn’t this thread of true community and equality in the midst of unique and diverse persons a cornerstone of Jesus Christ’s example?

I love where this video and conversation takes our hearts towards common understanding and appreciation of these things.


Recommended Reading:

  • 1 Corinthians 12
  • 1 Corinthians 13

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