2009 Bristol Bay 3420BH Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse Camper – SOLD

We have a 2009 Bristol Bay 3420BH Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse camper for sale. We originally purchased this camper in June 2016 from Camping World in Spartanburg, SC to live in while we built our new home. We do not currently have a vehicle with a fifth wheel hitch to tow this home on wheels, so we are hoping someone else can put it to use. NADA Guides lists low retail for this unit at $17,600 and average retail at $21,200 (REF: https://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2009/Bristol-Bay/M-3420BH/4103596/Values ) and we are asking $9500 because we are looking for a quick sale. We have a clean title in hand, and the first person to bring us a reasonable offer and bring their truck to haul it away — it’s yours.

It has a full master suite up front and a separate bunkhouse in the back for the kids. The kitchen and living room area is spacious and was more than enough room for us to live in full time for almost a year as our house was built.There is a nice, big automatic awning and plenty of storage space outside. We haven’t used it in over a year, but everything was working when we winterized it a year ago.

As far as condition and pricing goes — we’ve reduced the price based on a few things that aren’t as pristine/new looking as the rest of the camper. The carpet up the steps and into the master bedroom is noticeably worn – so if you want that to look as new as the rest of the inside, it might be worth having professionally cleaned or replaced (this is part of the reason for the reduced price). The outside needs a good pressure washing and I’m not sure that I’ll get to it this week before we start showing it to folks (this is a very busy time at my work). The tires have some small cracks on the sidewalls, but even though I haven’t seen any cracks in the tread, it might be worth planning to replace the tires prior to a long trip (this is part of the reason for the reduced price).

SOLD!!! I just want to thank God for creating a situation where one of my brothers in Christ could be blessed and bless others with this camper — and could also bless me in return. I realize that it’s “just selling a camper online”, but I’m even more excited about seeing my brother again in person than selling the camper. God is so good.

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