Kingdom Ideology

A friend recently shared this video series with me, and I’m walking through watching them. So I’m not trying to specifically endorse or convince anyone to explicitly trust them, but I thought that I might share my thoughts and encircled you to share yours in the comments as well?

I’d like to watch through the whole series once to just get the basic concepts, and then watch back through each one again considering and contemplating each point in greater detail.

Two talking points that jumped out to me during my first time watching this were:

  • “There are no new ideas, there’s just a new generation bringing it back.”
  • “Ideas can be generational traded. That’s what we call tradition.”

Some self-examination questions that came to mind:

  • Are we drinking down a soup of tradition that is a mix of milk, bone, meat and poison that is sourced from someone else’s philosophy and theology that came from their own flawed ideology?
  • Or are we going back to God, the source of divine, original, instruction straight from the maker’s mind?

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