Precepts, Essentials and a Return to the Source of Truth

I’m continuing along in video two of a series that my friend introduced me to:

Points of interest:

  • “The most important issue of life is the source of your ideas… Where did you get them from?” ~2:05
  • Religion/denomination is a “school of thought”.
  • “Faith” is not a religious word, “it simply means belief”. “Faith… simply means you believe what he said.”
  • “This seminar is not about information. It is about precepts.”
  • “The precept is more important than the law. If you know the precepts, it is easy to obey the law. Because the precepts precedes the law.”
  • “Precepts make you hate unrighteousness.”

At one point in the middle of the video, the topic shifted enough towards knowledge and gnosis, that I was paying attention to try and make sure that this didn’t head down the path of “esoteric knowledge”.

But I feel that the teaching focused enough on “Holy Spirit”, “discernment” and “source” rather than going toward any danger areas like us “attaining” for ourselves light/knowledge/ understanding/faith (which would have thrown up some red flags for me — see esoteric gnosticism).

So far, I’m really enjoying the videos. Please, feel free to add your comments and feedback.

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