A Strong Tower

Proverbs 18:10 ESV
The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.


The name of the Lord.

I think of songs like Kirk Franklin’s “Something about the name Jesus”, or Kari Joe’s “No Sweeter Name” or Big Daddy Weave’s “The Only Name”.

I think of times when I have faced temptation and instead of chasing it, I have decided to pray and call on the strength of Jesus Christ to help me.

I think of the many prayers lifted through out the years in the name of Jesus Christ for me by those that love me and wanted to see my life turned around.

Yes,  what a beautiful name.

A name that stands high above all other names.
Even those that don’t yet believe can read His words and wonder at their wisdom and truth.

There is safety and comfort and peace that is found in the name of Jesus.

Yes, He is a strong tower of refuge, filled with living waters that quench every thirst, filled with bread that satisfies the hunger of my soul, filled with Love that is unending, and filled with mercy and forgiveness and grace that is undeserved. And the door is open for all who might enter to seek refuge from the storms.

I used to like standing in the rain,  screaming at the lightning and the thunder, vowing that I was strong and would not be defeated, thinking that I could overcome whatever I might face by my own power. But that rain was building a great flood of waters unseen over the horizon,  and a wave so large that I would have been swept away like an ant crawling across the ground if I had stayed where I was. But this tower is now my safety from the storms, my salvation.

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