Wealth is not Prosperity

Psalms 37:1 NLT
Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong.


Yes,  there are shortcuts in this life for those that are chasing wealth instead of seeking God.

People can stack up wealth by lying,  cheating,  stealing, oppressing others,  ignoring the need of others, ignoring the laws, etc.

How is quick wealth obtained if not separating it for ourselves instead of sharing with those we love? And aren’t we called to love our neighbors as ourselves?

Yes,  we cling to those worthless treasures that we can see and touch with our hands and overlook the everlasting treasures that should be bull up in our hearts – because we are blind – spiritually blind.

Open our eyes,  Lord,  to see things the way they really are – to see beyond this temporary physical body and the pleasures of this physical world – and to instead focus on our attitude and your Holy Spirit guidance. Teach us your ways so we are not investing our lives stacking up physical treasures that will root and rust, but that we are purchasing the spiritual gold and silver of a fruitful life that will not be burned away by the refining fires of judgement.

Let us envy the life and example of Jesus Christ,  because He is the truth,  the life,  and the way – and not compare ourselves to other men, so that we will not be tempted to envy,  jealousy, judgement or any other evil that comes from taking our eyes of of you.

Help us today, to be more like you.

Help us to be kind and generous to others,  especially understanding that the wicked and lost are the ones that need toy healing touch and guidance the most. Use us as your loving ambassador and servant to help them and heal them and lead them to the light of your grace and mercy.

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